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Why can’t I just have that happy ending 💔

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Thanks for all the loving and helpful comments . This pain I have never felt and it hurts but I guess it wasn’t meant to be ...

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Y’all how am I supposed to handle this break up ....

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He left me y’all 💔😭

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I really hope this is my hormones making me feel this way 😞

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Pretty baby ❤️☺️

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This man came home from being gone for a week and has not even gave me a single kiss yet .... he’s been home for a little over an hour 😒😞💔

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Look at my big girl ❤️❤️

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For the people downing me Bc I feed my daughters baby food make sure you know the facts . Many mothers start this early and THE DOCTOR GAVE ME THE OK . So don’t make me feel like a horrible mother Bc I’m doing something y’all won’t do .

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Introduced the girls to baby food . Kali loves it . She will eat half a small container and then want her bottle . Londyn doesn’t like it I guess she isn’t ready yet

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Told him how I felt about everything and he completely ignores it ... maybe he doesn’t care 😞 how can you not care about the woman you said you are inlove with and your 2 beautiful daughters and the child we have on the way ... why is this little friend more important than your family that you can’t walk away from her 💔😞

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Man I can’t 🙄 the girls are so dang ill from not sleeping and still won’t sleep

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I want this nausea to go away 😭

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I don’t know what else to do 😭😭 the girls won’t sleep . Kali only slept for about 2 hours today and she still won’t sleep 😭 I just wanna sleep

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2 weeks down 3 more to go . I thought the distance would make us stronger and bring us closer but it’s not I just want him back home for good

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I just want to stop stressing about this 💔😭

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I feel like his feelings are changing .... 😞

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Kali screams bloody murder in the car seat idk what else to do

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Any idea what this is ? It’s on her face , neck , back , and stomach

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He said he will be home for Halloween !! ❤️☺️

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