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McKinney, posts from the channel

Trying to Сonceive

Can you be 6 days late and it still say negative but be positive like tmr? I seen people in that situation but I want to hear from you guys.

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Could I be pregnant ?? My test are negative right now, but it’s early . I Thought u have to miss your period a week to get an accurate result on a pee test.

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Doctors appointment today

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Does anybody else's nipples burn and why?

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I'm so confused I took test yesterday and today. I have 1 that's very faint to some it's not there, 1 you can see really well, and 2 that are negative. I can't wait for this blood test to see what's going on. Anybody see it or is it just me??

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Negative I'm still going to get a blood test done. Would've been a blessing to get a positive on my 1 year olds bday. 😔 I miss my babies

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Which one do you find more promising blue dye or pink dye test?

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How big were you at 6 weeks and when did your stomach start getting hard

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Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex October 22, 2016 same day I was ovulating. I got my period on the 24th and it lasted till the 27th. A few days after my boobs got really sore and tender and the color has changed. It's been 14 days and my boobs are still the same. I took a test on Friday and it came out positive but very very faint. I told my boyfriend and he wants me to test just to make sure. I took 2 digitals and one other one and they came back negative. I'm hoping to test positive on ... Read more

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