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Kane'ohe, posts from the channel


Keeping tabs on the goods, lol.

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Sometimes you just need to slow down and change your expectations. I was hoping to go to the craft store and have lunch with hubby today, but the little has other plans. He won't let me do anything and just wants to nurse. So here we are, in his room. My hair isn't washed, I have multiple areas of spit up on me, the dogs are pissed because they haven't eaten, I haven't had breakfast. After some milks, we'll try again. 💙

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Win! Eating a burger while nursing my 3 week old at Ruby Tuesday's.

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Cluster feeding will be the death of me. 😣

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How long did it take your nipples to stop hurting? I'm 10 days postpartum and they aren't cracked or bleeding, and we seem to have a good latch, but dang, they are tender.

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Hi BFing mamas, I'm due any day and was wondering if there are any products you couldn't live without or wish you'd discovered sooner. I have a boppy, those hot/cold gel boob things, lanolin, and I am on Amazon ordering a Zerlar. I have an electric pump (Spectra S2), a few types of bottles, reusable nursing pads. I feel like I am mostly set, but I don't have nipple shields or freezer baggies yet. Anything else you would suggest? Thanks!

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This seems to be the only place that I ever get a response, but I know it isn't breastfeeding related. Has anyone ever used this inflatable birthing tool? I'm considering buying one, but they are a bit expensive. Any insight or experience is much appreciated!

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I kinda feel like I am going into this breastfeeding thing blind. I know I can get a pump through insurance, and I plan to bf as long as possible, understanding that I'll need to pump as I prepare to go back to work. Some questions: 1. Should I buy the same brand bottles as the pump? Or do you pump into the little bags? 2. Store in the little bags in the freezer. Thaw/heat in the bottle? 3. If any brand, what is your preferred? Plastic? Glass? 4. Do you need the sterilizer? Does it make life... Read more

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At what point in pregnancy did you look into your health insurance paying for a breast pump? I hate dealing with insurance stuff, so I was just wondering what the very basic process is. Any help or advice is appreciated.

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