For working moms, one of the hardest decisions you will make will be where to send your baby for daily care.

Finding adequate care for your children is a tough choice for any parent -even finding a competent, reliable babysitter for a date night can be stressfull. But, when it comes to choosing the person or people who will provide a significant amount of day to day care for your baby, the choice can be wrought with uncertainties and fear.

We know you’ve got the basics covered -price, location, hours, certifications, but what about the other things?

For those on the hunt, here are some often overlooked things to keep in mind

Choosing A Daycare: 5 Things to Keep In Mind


We know you looked around and inspected the kitchen and the diaper changing area, but did you get down on the ground and see what your little one will see? Are there jackrabbit sized dust bunnies under the play bins? And what about personal hygiene? Did you watch (or ask) about hand washing for staff and children? Your child is going to encounter dirt and pick up germs at daycare, but you want to see the effort!

Minding Their Manners

How the staff interacts with your children is of utmost importance. Are they kind, do they say please and thank you, do they treat the children with respect? And what about among the staff? Every work place has its relationship issues, but staff disagreements should not be at all apparent to you or your child. You want your child in an environment that models good behavior and kindness.

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Noise Level

There will be chatter and giggles and sounds of children learning and playing, but what about other sounds? Are there loud, distracting noises inside or around the facility? Are babies wailing during your entire visit? Consider the type of environment you would find soothing and then seek that for your children.

General Environment

Are there windows? Is it brightly colored? Can you look around the room and see that your children will be stimulated? If the infant room is in a windowless basement and the children aren’t taken outdoors frequently, you can imagine what kind of mood your child will develop after hours inside each day. Even babies appreciate the fine art of fung shui.

And let's not forget about safety. Of course you considered it -do they have enough staff in the room to keep the kids safe? Do they ensure the kids are monitored well at all times? But what about the toys? And the outdoor equipment? And the table corners? And the cribs? Are the outlets covered? Do they monitor the water temperatures? Are the cribs safe enough for new babies? And the changing tables? DID ANYONE ANCHOR THESE TO THE WALLS?!

Feel free to ask for a hands-on walk through of the facility. Touch things, lift things up, look behind the toy box. And don't be afraid to ask the questions that wake you up in a panic at night. You don't need to snap on your white gloves or get out your 100 point check list, but a reasonable inspection that involves touching and moving things is acceptable.

And head outside too. A rusty slide and a splintering teeter totter should not be waiting to greet you.

Choosing a childcare for your child is a big deal and you have the right to feel comfortable and informed. If they aren't willing to answer your questions or allow your inspection, then they are maybe not the people you want caring for your child.

One on One Time

Consider the child to teacher ratio of the home daycare or facility you’re looking at. Tons of kids, few adults is not exactly a ratio your kid is likely to excel in.

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