Best Baby Gear: 15 Real Moms Share Their Must Haves

Welcoming a new baby into your life comes with a ton of new and exciting elements. Including a house full of baby gear. From teeny baby onesies to massive wheeled strollers, your house is likely to be bursting with baby … Read More

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Create a Rockstar Profile in 5 Easy Steps

If you downloaded the app, we know you’re there to make friends with other moms – and we want to help you make that happen! The best way for other moms to get to know you, besides actually starting a … Read More

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5 Ways to Find Your Tribe of Mom Friends in the App

The app is a great place to find a tribe of mom friends. If you’re a new mom who feels a bit left  behind by your old friends, a military spouse who just moved to a new area, or … Read More

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Chat in the App: 30 Conversation Starters

The is an app where you can have a conversation, hang out with other moms online no matter where you are, and make real friendships. Moms are bonding in the app over common interests, parenting challenges and by offering … Read More

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10 Moms to Follow in the App is full of moms talking about all things motherhood. You’ll find hilarious and candid conversations happening at all times during the day and night. The best part about the app is that moms are there to help one another … Read More

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3 Places You May Not Have Thought To Register

In partnership with BabyList When you register for your baby, what do you really need? Is it necessary to have a bouncy seat and a swing? That will depend on your individual baby and if you want to put both … Read More

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5 Must-Follow Baby Registry Rules

In partnership with BabyList Registering for baby when you are expecting is a ton of fun. When you start to plan for what baby will need, how to care for them, and how to decorate their room, it begins to … Read More

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Real Moms Share Why is the Best App for Moms

We are fortunate to have a wonderful community of moms in the app who truly help us create a vibrant, interactive, supportive, and positive community for moms. Whether you are just beginning your mothering journey or have been on … Read More

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10 Common Car Seat Questions

You're a new parent and along with that comes all kinds of new gear – of of which is the car seat. I can't tell you how many times I cursed over the LATCH system when moving our twin's seats around … Read More

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10 Instagram Moms to Follow

Know what we love? Photos! It’s one of our favorite parts about the app –that tons of moms share their baby pics with us in the app. We get to scroll through photos of adorable babies and it truly … Read More

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12 Moms to Follow in The App is full of moms talking about all things motherhood. You'll find the hilarious and candid conversations happening at all times during the day. The best part about the app is that moms are there to help one another through their … Read More

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Here at, we hope you'll consider inviting your friends to join the app right along with you because there isn't another app like us. We're live moderated, which means you can chat without the mommy wars – we pride ourselves … Read More

Featured Post App Tutorial: Group Chat

Sometimes conversations are more comfortable in a smaller private group, so that's why we offer private group chats in We have moms supporting one another through miscarriage and infant loss, organizing local meet-ups with fellow military spouses, providing emotional support and … Read More

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When you are in the app, you can personalize your main feed. This is an important feature so you can ensure you're having the experience you want while in the app. Watch the quick tutorial below and take the … Read More

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You know what's fantastic about It's a community just for moms. That's right, you can be your authentic mom-self without the worry or fear of non-parents or your male counterparts joining in on the conversation. Because we know there … Read More

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