Mom Shaming: What It Is and How Is Working to Stop It

Mom shaming, a form of bullying towards mothers and their choices, is a major source of unhappiness to modern moms. And it’s an experience countless moms are forced to endure. In fact, according to our recent research, 79% of moms … Read More

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If You’re a Breastfeeding Mom, This Is Your Life

When you choose to become a breastfeeding mom, you don’t really think about how it will feel. There will be some super sweet moments, but there will also be some moments where you want to run screaming from your house, … Read More

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The 10 Things I Love Most About Mom Life

Motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know, it sounds super cliché, but in reality, it is just so true. I was meant for mom life. I can’t think of another thing I have done … Read More

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Mother’s Day Giveaway for the Modern Mom ($1,360 value!)

Let’s talk about the modern mom. She’s on-the-go, stylish and loves to add ease to her day through technology. At we love to celebrate our moms, especially as we near Mother’s Day.  We asked some of our fabulous partners … Read More

Featured Post’s Guide to the Mombassador Program

Hey Mom Friends! We launched the app with the goal of being the best place for new and expecting moms to meet and chat. Nailed it! Mostly thanks to all of you amazing moms who help bring our platform … Read More

Featured Post Super Mombassador Tips

Think You Have What it Takes to Become a Super Mombassador? We’re looking for awesome moms that love the app and are willing to help share our social campaigns, post about us on social media, bring positivity to … Read More

Featured Post Mombassador Program FAQ’s

Got a question? Here are some common questions and answers about’s Mombassador program. How do I become a Mombassador? Invite 10 moms to the app and you’re in! If my friend clicks on my invite link but doesn’t join, … Read More

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Placenta Encapsulation Mom Life Chat with a Doula

This week in the app, we chatted with Mombassador and resident doula, Ashanti, @arivera64. She answered questions from moms about the labor process, her life as a doula, and placenta encapsulation. She is super passionate about her role as … Read More

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Make Mom Friends at a National Playdate Day Event Near You

We’ve got a huge announcement to make! On June 1st, we are launching the National Playdate Day! So what is National Playdate Day?! It is a supper fun kick off to our month of mom hosted playdates. We want … Read More

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Your First Trimester: 10 Things That Will Probably Happen

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a women’s life. So many things to look forward to, and the changes! They start almost immediately, right in the first trimester, for many of us. While our non pregnant partners have 10 months … Read More

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This is Mom Life: 10 Awesome Moms to Follow on Instagram

We all know what is like for us, but what is it like for others? Is it as messy, as chaotic, as exhausting, as hard? Or maybe they are inspiring, and just what you need to make it through … Read More

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The Potty Training Tips Every Mom Needs to Make Life Easier

And better. And somewhat sane again. Potty training is a hot topic for moms. No matter your parenting style, work status, age, or location there will come a time in your mom life when you have to figure out how … Read More

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How We Lived on One Income So I Could Afford to Be a Stay at Home Mom

I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I knew before I even thought about having a baby that it was the way I wanted to raise my kids. Fast forward to a surprise pregnancy, not even a … Read More

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7 Things Every Mom Should Do Before Baby Comes and 3 You Can Skip

Before baby comes, there seems to be a laundry list of things you need to get done. Cleaning and organizing and shopping and work and just, stuff, so much stuff! All of it piling up, none of it seeming to … Read More

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10 Things I Didn’t Think I’d Ever Do As A Mom

When you prepare to become a mom for the first time, you have a vision of what it will be like. You draw hard lines and you are pretty adamant you won’t do certain things. And then, you get into … Read More

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