Thank goodness for the 21st century. Finally there is a tool out there that can help fathers with a little insider information on what will happen during pregnancy and what to expect after the birth. It feels like it has been a long time coming but now that we have a what to do when you are pregnant app for dad we fathers now stand a chance of really being there and being involved without feeling like your always out of your depth. While it is not possible in the short time we have here to go into depth I’m sure that you will agree that it is going to be a game changer.

How does our pregnancy app help soon to be dads?

It is an information gold mine to keep you ahead of the curve and provides invaluable information so that you know what to expect over the coming months

It contains not only a wealth of tips and hints but real guides on what to do throughout the pregnancy process and what to do when your child is born. Tips include how to aid in breastfeeding, what to do when your baby is crying, safe bath times and a whole lot more

A real guide on how to look after the mum to be with applicable dos and don’ts

Through the tracker function you can follow the progress and keep an eye open for expected milestones that crop up

Not only is it the one of the best pregnancy apps for dads it will become something you simply won’t be able to do without. At every turn you will be empowered to become a real part of the pregnancy and I’ll tell you now that the mum to be will be thankful.

Is it just for men?

Certainly not. The advice it contains makes it an ideal pregnancy app for couples too so neither of you will ever feel lost and alone. It is ever one of the great pregnancy apps for grandparents who will inevitable end up taking care of the child once it is born so that the parents may take a well earned break.

How does it differ from the usual advice you get given?

That is a good question, and the easiest answer is that the advice you get from doctors and midwives should always be heeded but what they can’t do it give you that advice when you need it, whereas the app can. Simply put; it is a library of information collected from experts and available to you. Pregnancy apps for dads free of charge and at your fingers will change everything, for mom and dad, and help keep baby safe.

Pregnancy can be daunting for both parents, so it is a good idea to take advantage of any useful information and stay one step ahead. Download the app now and see how it can change your life. I promise you won’t regret it.