Welcoming a new baby into your life comes with a ton of new and exciting elements.

Including a house full of baby gear.

From teeny baby onesies to massive wheeled strollers, your house is likely to be bursting with baby gear before you even bring home your bundle of joy.

But, with so many choices out there, how do you truly know what baby gear you really need to add to your baby registry?

We asked our mom.life app moms to share some of the baby gear they use daily -the things they wouldn’t want to do mom life without.

A wealth of information, here are some of their top picks for best baby gear real moms really need.

Most needed baby gear

Best Baby Gear: 15 Real Moms Share Their Must Haves

A Swing

“I loved my baby swing. It was a life saver when it came to being too hot and my son not wanting to be held.” -@Kyntonsmommy

“I loved the swing because when she was a newborn she wouldn’t sleep in her crib so that swing saved us.” -@mommylovescoraline

“I love the swing. Best place to set baby while they nap so I can get things done.” -@bluedolphin77

“Conventional swing works like magic!” -@joska

“Our traditional swing (back & forth) was a lifesaver! Loved it!” -@angelicaeberly

One to try: Graco Swing By Me.

A Bouncer/Sleeper

“Rock and Play was and still is a life saver!” -@sawyersmomma

“We have a bouncer -our fist baby loved it and now our second baby loves it. It’s the one thing both babies used and really liked.” -@geniedeloatch

“I used my son’s bouncer a lot. That was where I set him down when I wasn’t holding him.” -@shellbell0391

“The Rock ‘n Play sleeper was the most useful to me! My infant LOVED it and slept SO good in that thing!!” -@brookemmoore

Most mentioned in app: Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play

A Carrier

“My Boba carrier… Lifesaver with a colicky baby who won’t let you put him down day and night.” -@jacksonzmom

“An ergobaby carrier! I wish I had it when my second son was born! I got it after he was a few months old but it helped get him to sleep when I was losing my mind and breaking down all the time as a first time mom with a super attached baby.” -@lelepatts

“I loved my carrier! So nice to be hands free.” -@jordyn_beth

Looking for a carrier? Check out this great review post: Baby Carriers Review

A Stroller

“My stroller was a lifesaver and sanity saver to put my son in his car seat and get him in the stroller and walk him so he would nap.” -@jacksonzmom

“There’s no way I could do without her stroller/car seat combo. It’s mobile so I can take her with me throughout the house as I clean, cook, and even shower. And she likes napping in it so again, I can take her with me in each room to get things done. And, if I have to leave in a hurry, she’s already in her seat.” -@morganmommy79

Check out this roundup on Babylist to find a stroller to fit your life: Babylist Best Strollers of 2017

Nose Frida

“The one thing I couldn’t do without is the Nose Frida. I hate to see a snotty nose kid or even a dry booger.” -@txyogagirl

“Nose Frida… will help naturally help relieve the most common issues babies suffer in the early days.” -@arivera64

Need this magical product in your life? Find it here: Nose Frida

Need more recommendations? Hop into the mom.life app and ask our moms for advice -they love helping!

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