Anna Angenend is the creative mind behind a series of photos she dubbed ‘Mom Life’. If you’re an avid app user, they may look familiar to you because we have partnered with Anna to use them as a part of our app marketing periodically over the last couple of years.

We at love them because they depict, in exaggerated hilarity, what mom life is like. It’s obvious, she’s not afraid to laugh at motherhood a bit and is interested, like we are in the app community, to commiserate about the many ups and downs of motherhood.’s Head of Community, Charong took some time to talk with Anna on the phone about what inspired her to shoot this series, among other things and this is what Anna had to share.

Please tell me a little about yourself – how you got into photography?

I actually started very young at 16. I did senior portraits and was a shooter at weddings.

Once I had my daughter, I focused on family photography and the day-to-day moments of having a young child.

How did all the press start with your Mom Life Series?

It started just on my Facebook feed, which began so put together, e.g. perfect school lunches, beautiful perfection of motherhood, etc.

Here was my daughter as a preschooler. This is my life filled with play dough, crayon craziness. It started as a joke. Then it just grew from there.

As a creator it’s great to have your own project. I really enjoyed creating those images and posted them online. Then I posted on Bored Panda. Anyone can post it on there. If it starts getting voted up they will post it on their home page. My photo was featured and it catapulted from there.

What should people take away from the photos?

I was mostly reaching out to the moms who can relate to it. Social media is the highlight reel. It’s perfect photos. I was exaggerating and showing our worst moments, showing relief. Before you’re a mom, I felt blindsided by everything. I was not ready for how intense it can be. I wanted to make people laugh and feel better. I really enjoyed doing it.

I love bringing a little happiness to people’s lives. If my photos can bring that, it brings me a big sense of accomplishment.

What Anna wasn’t a fan of through the publishing of her photos was the judgement and shame that seemed to come. Something she couldn’t have anticipated. At, we aren’t a fan of that either. 

They said, ‘look at this mom looking for attention, I have 4 kids and my house never looks like this…’

I wish I had a thicker skin, but it did toughen me up. But this was my baby. People on the internet tried to diagnosis me and my child. I took it to heart at first, all the negativity. They critics all  wanted to interpret my life.

What does your daughter think of the photos?
She laughs at them. When I first hung them up, she thought that it was silly. Now, she gets excited when people like them at our house. I’m not sure if she remembers being in the photos, but she get kicks out of it.

What’s your main goal with your photos? 

Documenting these moments of my daughter’s life. It doesn’t matter if its cell phone photo. I like time capsules: favorite toys, activities, even if it’s common.  Kids will treasure that to look back on. This is my main drive.

What tips can you offer parents with their own photography? j

I think this is anti-tech. I should preacher higher quality, every year or half a year professional portraits, but I like capturing life as it is: 

  • Try to capture the little moments
  • Get prints! USB and disks are going out of style
  • Way more photos are taken but not many are preserved, so remember to make prints. So many photos are lost. It breaks my heart that photos are lost
  • I love the chatbooks. It encourages you to print those photos. They are a great conversation piece. I have books printed out on my coffee table.
  • If you’re working with your phone, lighting is important.

What are you working on now?

I specialize in family and children’s portraits. I have the Mom Life images for brands and I would like to do more of it. I miss having a series, it’s such a good creative outlet. I have a breastfeeding series coming soon. My Monster & Me series is ongoing like the Mom Life series, I shoot a couple of photos a month.

I also got a dog 6 months ago!

About Anna: 

I’m in the business of capturing life stories and preserving memories. The “oooh and awww” moments when your heart is bursting with love, and the “AGH!” moments when your child decorated your couch with peanut butter.

I work from home. I’m a mom, photographer, and lifestyle blogger.

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