Based on our Facebook stream, it seems like the holiday photo card may just be a thing of the past.

Today’s modern family is bringing that holiday cheer to life via awesome family videos.

A couple of years ago, the Holderness family went viral courtesy of their Christmas jammies rap jam, eventually receiving over 16 million views on their YouTube video.

And this holiday season, Rich Price came correct with his family rap jam.

Not sure if he intended it to be his holiday greeting when he came up with the idea for it, but according to his Facebook page that is exactly what it is.

We love how each member of the family gets to drop a verse -starting with dad and making it down to the littlest Rich.

And, our favorite part, are the lyrics dad busted about mom.

She’s his dream come true!

And this video is all of ours.

Thank you Rich family, for spreading joy to all of us this holiday season!

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