Unless you have been living under a rock for a good part of 2016, you have heard of the water bottle flipping challenge.

If you are a parent to children of a certain age, the sound of a plastic water bottle falling on the floor may’ve become like nails on a chalk board. In fact, you may have actually banned plastic water bottles from existing in your home.

To no avail of course, because they will flip highlighters and Rice Krispie Treats and Uncrustables and literally any item that has at least one flat side and enough weight to make a full rotation.

Ask me how I know this.

Fortunately, this cute video of country singer Matt Rogers’ adorable toddler nailing the water bottle challenge is way cuter than what goes on at my house of three boys…

Adorable Toddler Doing Bottle Flipping Challenge Has the Best Reaction

Watch as she enthusiastically celebrates her victory and then finishes it all off in the most classic way: with a dab of course!


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