Let’s talk about breastfeeding!

First of all, let us put this out here right now: breastfeeding is not for every mom.

Some people choose to go a different route, struggle to produce milk, or have babies born with difficulties that make establishing a good milk supply challenging.

That’s cool.

We support moms who feed their babies and we don’t care how you get that done.

Whatever works for you and your baby is what you need to do and we are 100% down with that.

That said, breastfeeding is haaaaaard.

Establishing a good milk supply, getting baby latched on, overcoming the pain, getting humanity who has something to say about everything you do out of your head -all of it piles up on new moms and makes tackling things like breastfeeding even more exhausting.

Let us help you get started on the right foot with your breastfeeding guide.

A Beginner’s Breastfeeding Guide: Getting Off to the Right Start

Accept the Challenge

Well before baby makes his debut, decide whether or not breastfeeding is something you’re interested in trying. It’s not a blood oath or anything, but deciding how important breastfeeding is to you before you get into the chaos of new mom life will really help you stay committed when the going gets tough.

Understand that The Going Will Get Tough

Breastfeeding, natural though it may be, does not feel natural to everyone. It’s difficult to learn how to get your boob lined up just so with your baby’s gaping mouth while his arms are flailing and his feet are kicking and he’s grabbing and scratching and pulling and wriggling. It’s almost like he’s working against you, just like your C-section scar, and your exhausted brain, and the fact that your breasts are so tender from being engorged. It’s just a lot, and your baby is acting extra and it’s a true wonder that humanity has survive this long. The only thing natural about this entire experience is the fact that you will probably cry and want to quit more times than you can count on your baby’s teeny fingers.

Think About Your Work Space

You job will suddenly become keeping your baby alive and fed and you need a well-organized, comfortable workspace to make sure you can successfully do that. Set up a comfortable, relaxing place for you and baby. Grab a snack and a glass of water -it’s great to replenish while you nurse. And get something to entertain yourself with. Many moms like to read while they nurse or take some time to check their favorite online communities, like mom.life!

Eat Well

Keeping up your milk supply requires that you eat well and often. You not only want to ensure that you keep your milk flowing, but also that it is delivering your baby the healthy nutrients he needs for optimal health and growth.

Ask for Support

One of the most important elements of creating a successful breastfeeding routine is having the support of those around you. Let your friends and family know that nursing is important to you and that you’d like their help in making it work. If you can’t find support at home, there are other places to find it. Your local hospital can direct you to lactation consultants and nursing support groups in your community. Online, the mom.life app is filled with women who have been there themselves and are eager to support you on the journey. In fact, you can download mom.life and join in on the conversation right now!

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