Ready to slay 2017?

Yeah, us too!

We have big, grown up lady plans for in the New Year and we think you should work on making some major mom moves in 2017 too.

Want to up your mom game but not sure how to make it happen?

We gotchu boo!

8 Things Every Mom Should Do in 2017

1. Make Time for You

Because you need it and deserve it and your kids will thank you. Right after you’re done thanking yourself. Remember, self care isn’t selfish and you need time to recharge in order to be great.

2. Give Yourself a Break

Moms are their own worst enemies when it comes to the shame game. Give yourself a break when it comes to meeting unrealistic expectations, particularly when no one is holding you to them but you. Perfection should not be a part of your goals this year. Instead, strive for something attainable, like health and happiness for yourself and your family.

3. Learn Something New

A new dance move, a new recipe, a new place to hide the candy you don’t want to share with your kids! Learning keeps your brain happy, active, healthy and strong – all of which let you be a better mama.

4. Get a Physical

Seriously, take a minute and think about the last time you went to a wellness appointment when you weren’t pregnant. Moms are notorious for skipping out on health and wellness. Take some time to visit your family doctor and dentist for a couple of checkups.5

5. Say No

It’s okay not to join the PTA, or sign up to run the preschool Halloween party. It’s cool to say no to people and things that aren’t giving you joy. The world will go on and so will the party.

6. And Also, Say Yes!

And just like it’s cool to say no thank you to all of the things that suck the life out of you, it’s cool to say yes to some of the things you feel like you’re not allowed to say yes to. You know, awesome things, like eating ice cream for dinner on National Ice Cream Day and staying in your jammies all day on any day you feel like it. There are a lot of things you have to do as a mom, but some of those things can be let go from time to time for the sake of your happiness.

7. Dream a Little

Take time to dream about things that you want from this life, and not just ones that you need. When you become mom, you aren't supposed to lose who you are as an individual. It's ok to continue chipping away at what makes you, well, you! Don’t limit yourself -dreams are supposed to be big!

8. Be Brave

Kick the fear that’s holding you back from your awesome all the way to the curb! It feels so good when you step out of your comfort-zone to do something that makes you feel powerful.

Plus, it’s a wonderful lesson for your kids! You’re not JUST Mommy! You’re a business owner, and a community leader, and a friend, and a wife, and a lot of other super important things they don’t get to see if you don’t let them!

Time to get out that sword of yours and slay!

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