New mommies need mommy friends for guidance and advice!

Having awesome mom friends really does make motherhood easier. It takes a village remember! Moms have been in your shoes and have experienced the exact same thing you have, so it helps being connected with other moms to share common concerns and cheerful moments. And most moms are also looking for playdates for their little ones. 

Here are some of the best places to connect with other moms and kids of similar ages: 

  1. – Connect instantly with new moms and mommie-to-be in this easy to use app. Chat, ask advice and meet local women just like you. Join the supportive community now.
  2. Kids section of public libraries – most parents come with kids throughout the week (and weekends being the busiest). In addition, books for several stages of baby are available. Check out your local library’s events including story telling, which is definitely a hot spot for kids and their moms.
  3. Parks – parks are another place where most kids come not only for play but for socialization. Parks are sometimes close to libraries offering a dual advantage. Some parks are accessible via via light rail for some who prefer not to drive and have a train experience for their little ones. 
  4. Kids Museums – These are filled with activities for kids at different ages and are swarming with children. A membership is definitely worth it if you plan on visiting often. It is amazing how an hour can passby so fast with all the fun activities for kids.
  5. Shopping Malls – Kids section in malls have play areas and rides that are fun for the whole family.
  6. Zoos – This is another popular kids hangout place from toddlers to teenagers, and your children learn all about the animals and ecosystems.
  7. Indoor playgrounds – These are the perfect place when it’s raining or all your other outdoor options feel a little old. Usually pretty inexpensive, look for indoor playgrounds that are clean and have plenty of space for your child’s age range. 

Are you a new mom? Chat and share with moms and moms-to-be like you. Join the app now.

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