The app is a great place to find a tribe of mom friends. If you’re a new mom who feels a bit left  behind by your old friends, a military spouse who just moved to a new area, or you’re a little bit introverted and online chats are your jam – is an app where you can find a group of moms that get you. Our moms are finding friends who they can lean on in times of need, friends who celebrate special milestones alongside them, and they’re even meeting up in person after bonding in the app.

So how can you get started getting to know the moms? We’ve got you covered.

5 Ways to Find Your Tribe in the App

1. Post Regularly in the Newsfeed

How else can our users know you are there? You have to actually post something in the newsfeed! Say hello, introduce yourself if you’re new. Post a question about something  – it doesn’t have to be serious, it can just start the flow of fun chatting.  Share something positive about your day. Encourage the moms with a story that they can relate to. Check out these 30 Conversation Starters if you’re looking for some inspiration.

2. Respond to Others

Go through the main newsfeed and respond to moms who are asking for advice about topics that you have experience. Click the hearts to show love on those adorable baby or bump photos. Refer a mom who might be looking for more pointed advice about how to get started working-at-home, breastfeeding or postpartum depression to one of our many private groups. Head to one of our channels that interest you  – if you’re game for giving emotional support, we have a channel for that. If you’re trying to conceive, go hang with other moms doing the same in our channel just for you. Moms are in the app to make friends, so being a lurker can’t be your thing everyday. Although, admittedly, we all have our days where we lurk and just heart a bunch of stuff. Showing love is still responding!

3. Post a Photo

People love seeing great photos, and this doesn’t mean perfection. Not everyone has the budget for a pro camera, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take great photos with your camera phone. Check out these tips from our community manager Amanda who recently hosted #momlifechats covering this topic.

4.  Join or Create a Group Chat

We have several active Group Chats already happening in the app. Currently, there are many that you can join – Babywearing moms, DIY moms, single moms, healthy lifestyle, Blogger group, PPD support, miscarriage and loss and so many others. Type in the hashtage #MomLifeGroups and read that feed to see what other groups there are and the username for the mom currently running them. Reach out to that mom for access to the group! Our moms are welcoming and always looking for new members for these publicly created groups.

You can also create a Group Chat yourself once you get to know a group of moms or if you have your own idea for filling a need in the community. Here’s a tutorial for making that happen:

5. Participate in an Activity

#momlifechats, #momlifephoto contest or play a #momlifegame – these are all ways you can engage in the app and find friends, learn something new and have some fun! is a great place to find your tribe of moms at the same stage of parenting as you. Download the app now and have some fun with moms like you!

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