As parents, we’re all subjected to kids shows that make us cringe or make us question the premise a bit. Usually it’s just laughable and sometimes, it means that show can’t be watched. For my family, Spongebob and Monster High are two on the no-go list, for example.

The other day, I was in the app, and a mom posted this question…

And I totally remember thinking this same thing watching the show with my kids.

I get that Ruby is super responsible but, should she be doing all the cooking, the bathing and birthday party planning for Max? Because that’s what happens in the show. How old is she anyway, 35? It’s like the parents aren’t ever around and she’s responsible for making sure Max’s biggest milestones and daily routine are all managed.


I’m thinking that’s not true, they just choose to focus on the relationship between Max and Ruby, hence the show name, but it is a bit odd that she does so much for him without Mom and/or Dad around.

Just sayin’

Another question that has come up about kid shows…

Why Aren’t They In School?

Doc McStuffins, pretty sure she’s never in school because more recently, she started running an entire hospital. On one hand, she’s an entrepreneur who is obviously very motivated to help a larger population of toys,  instead of just helping the toys in her backyard. But, she’s still pretty young, and needs to learn a lot more, so shouldn’t school be a priority? I mean, her parents are doctors too…shouldn’t they be ensuring she attends school more often?

Perhaps I’m just over thinking this a bit… 

The final question that I often have is WHAT are they wearing?

Exhibit A.


Exhibit B.


Who knew I’d prefer Barbie these days…


Enough Said.

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