This mom life is filled with long days of diaper changing, carpooling and dish doing. It can be a thankless and isolated job where we feel as if we are the only one who is going through the motions of a baby who won’t sleep, a tantrum throwing threenager, or mouthy pre-teen. But the truth is, we aren’t. There are other moms, just like us, in the trenches at this same moment

It can be easy to feel like our other mom friends aren’t thinking of us or struggling like we are because they aren’t calling, or to see their Instagram feed and think their lives are perfection. 

You guys. That’s what Instagram is for, highlights. It is, the highlight reel of a person's life. Life curated.

It gives you filters for a reason, so you can filter your world. And, have less wrinkles.

I dig that, personally.

So, how can we help one another – I mean besides downloading and joining the other moms in the app

Like that very natural plug right there? 

How about we take some time to spread a little joy. Tomorrow is Random Acts of Kindness Day, so I say, we make a weekend of it. Or an every. single. week of it.

Here’s a list of 12 things you can do to show kindness to your mom friends. Today and in the days ahead.

  1. Make her laugh – place a funny card in her mailbox.
  2. Shoot her a fun bitmoji text.
  3. Send her a special message using a fun snapchat filter.
  4. Pick up her favorite sweet treat and leave it on her doorstep.
  5. Send her a compliment text: “You’re a fantastic friend because…, You make my world a better place because…, You’re a wonderful mother because…”
  6. Offer to babysit so she can have a date with her honey or with her favorite massage therapist.
  7. Offer to carpool her kids, no strings attached.
  8. Print out (or email) a picture of you two together from a favorite trip or time together, write about your memory of that time on the back and slip it in her purse to find. If you're emailing, edit it in picmonkey with fun layers and text.
  9. Call her on the phone and ask her how she is. I know, really difficult these days to actually speak to a person on the phone. Give it a go. If anything leave her a nice voicemail.
  10. Ask her out on a wine girl date for after bedtime via Google Hangout to catch-up. Keep the time sacred, even make it weekly or monthly – no canceling! You never know what might be going on in her busy life, check in!
  11. Pick up lip balm, hand lotion, and some chocolate – bundle it up with a pair of fun socks, a bottle of wine and an Amazon giftcard to rent a movie for streaming. Tell her to treat herself.
  12. JUST BE PRESENT when you are together. It takes a few minutes to tune in and check in with your mom friends. Help each other, lift each other up, and give each other a little kindness throughout the week.

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