Raising kids in today’s society can be hard. Scary, even. But something that is universally common in mothers around the world is that they all hope for their kids to have a bright future – one that is full of love, happiness, and good health despite the challenges that may surround them. We asked the mom.life community what they wish for their kids, and here are their most popular responses!

That they grow up knowing that the world can be pretty great.

“I just want to show my little man that this world isn't always so disgusting. It can be a beautiful place.”

“I want my son to grow up knowing that hate comes in all shapes and sizes and for him to be kind and to spread love and joy in any way that he can. I also want him to know that he will always have his mom regardless of where he goes in life.”

That they grow up to make a difference in this world.

“I hope my son grows up to be very intelligent, open minded, successful, kind, and loving. I hope he becomes someone who will make a difference in this world no matter what he sets his mind to. I want him to put his print on this world, to live life, enjoy life, and never let anyone tell him he can’t because he can.”

That they’ll always stand up for themselves.

“I pray that my daughter (and any other future children) know what is acceptable. I don't care if she falls in love with a boy or girl as long as she's treated like a queen and with the respect she so deserves. I pray she knows her worth. As long as she's happy, I'll be happy!”

That they grow up safe.

“My wish for my child would be for her to feel safe at school and any school sanctioned event. When I was in 8th grade, my school had what's called a dinner dance for departing 8th graders going into high school. At that dance a fellow classmate opened fire. This was a horrific event. With all the violence going on in this world, I hope not only my child but all children don't have to experience what I did. I want her to succeed and live life to the fullest without being scared to go out in public, especially school where she should be getting an education.”

“I wish for my son to live in a world where he would feel safe to walk on any street and neighborhood he wanted to and feel comfortable with who he is. For my daughter, I wish for her to love herself whole heartedly and never wonder if every single person she encounters is an evil person.”

“I'm afraid to raise her in this messed up world, worried that I won't show her the right way to go.”

“I wish my kids could enjoy their childhoods like I did, riding bikes to the park, walking to a friend’s house etc. The world is so messed up now that I don't even feel comfortable letting them play in the front yard unsupervised!”

“Since Phillip's father and I are both addicts, I fear that he is predisposed to be an addict himself. Addiction runs in families just like alcoholism and different types of mental disorders. I pray that sharing our stories with him and leading by example will be enough. Addiction is an awful disease that I hope does not inflict my baby boy.”

“I'm so afraid of the way the world is now. Her daddy and I both have depression. I have anxiety and bipolar disorder to I'm so scared she’ll end up with it and go down the same path I did.”


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That they grow up to be confident and successful.

“I hope my daughter is a leader and confident. I'm going to teach her to not be afraid to have a voice. I'm going to teach her to stand up for herself and others. I'm going to teach her being different is ok and to always be open-eared and open-minded. I hope she knows she will be judged for her skin color and hair texture but I'm going to teach her black is beautiful. I hope she follows every dream her heart desires. I hope she’ll know everyone isn't going to have her best interest in mind, but to keep striving. I'm going to teach her to love herself and always put her happiness first.”

“I want my boy to always be hungry and humble. Hungry for success but humble when he achieves it.”

“Both my hubby and I went to school and have our degrees. We both are going back after baby to work on our Master's degree. We would like for our two boys, to have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and have an open mind when it comes to dealing with society. Of course we'd like for both to have a kind soul; help others without expecting something in return and always strive to be great in all aspects of life.”

That they grow up to be a happy and healthy person.

“I hope that my son is happy and gets along with everyone! I hope that this crazy and violent world that we live in starts to change for the better.”

“I hope my son is happy! That's all I want for my son. I want him to know the true definition of love and support.”

That they grow up without being made fun of.

“I hope my son doesn't have to worry about kids making fun of him for his health condition. I wish my son finds happiness & always follows his heart & dreams but stays humble along the way. I hope & pray my son knows we love him more than life itself & that he's capable of anything even if his health issues "delay" him according to doctors & books. I hope he remembers that it's okay to go at your own pace and that it's okay to be different.”

“I am afraid for her over online bullying and bullying in school. My hopes for her is that she will find something she loves and be able to do it – that she won't suffer the hardships I have gone through.”

“My oldest girl is 9 and the youngest will be here July 14. My biggest worry for both of them is boys! Boys that will break their hearts, start and spread rumors. I also worry about when they hit puberty. To me those years are when, I as a mom, can do detrimental damage to my daughters even if all I’m trying to do is keep them close and safe. I remember how I was when I got to that point.”

That they know they are extremely loved.

“I hope my daughter is happy, healthy and knows her self-worth. I hope she's successful while still being humble and kind, and I hope she knows that she's so incredibly loved.”       

“I wish my daughter and future children don't have to deal with as many racial problems as I have encountered and if they do, I pray they don't let it affect them mentally.”

“I hope my children learn from my mistakes and never want to be "just like mommy." I worry my children won't outlive me, or will be struck with a devastating life change. I want my children to live a better life and accomplish more than I had ever dreamed of. I want them to remember that I love them forever and always.”

“I strive for a family environment of openness, honesty, and acceptance. I hope my kids can tell me the good and the bad, knowing in full confidence that I will still love them.”

That they will follow their dreams.

“Of course as a mother, I want both of my children to strive, believe, and achieve anything they set their mind too. I want them to know and teach them that dreams do exist and they do become reality. Teach them that behind every bad person there are 100s of other people doing good things for human kind. They are in this world to serve a purpose we will help them find it and stand behind them to guide them in every step of the way and to support them. Life is meant to be abundant and joyful. Through this they will build confidence, strength, and happiness to live life! They will always have us here for when they get stumped in life and know they can count on us. Lastly, they will know to be humble to anyone and everyone that crosses their path.”

“My biggest wish for both of my children and possible future children is that they would always strive to do their best. If they do their best that's all I can ask for. No regrets, no shame, and no worries about what they could do better. In the end I will always be proud and I hope they will be too.”

“I want my child (and future children) to be happy. I want them to be content and to not have any worries. My husband and I are working to leave a legacy for our children. Finances aren't everything, but they are a huge factor for stress. We don't want that for our children. I want them to accomplish all of their dreams, we will help them with anything to get them there.”

“I want him to reach his full potential. To be proud of his heritage, his abilities, himself. I want him to be safe even when he's not with me. I want him to be happy. Successful. Above all, I want him to LIVE. NOT JUST EXIST.” 

That they will learn to love everyone. Especially themselves.

“I want my twins to be the best people they can be. I want them to excel at any and everything they set their mind to. I want them to live and be successful with no regrets. With the way things have been lately, it's scary to raise my kids in this world. I will teach them to love all people regardless.”

“I want my kids to feel free to be themselves, even if that means they have to challenge social norms and stand out from the crowd. I want them to be proud to be different, and be leaders rather than followers. I want them to go out of their way to help others, and the community. I want them to stand up for the things they believe are right. I want them to question and challenge the way things are.”

“Worries? I know my daughter will go through hard things, but I just don't want anything tragic to ever happen to her. Dreams? I want her to feel comfortable being herself and to not be pressured into doing things she doesn't like. I want us to continue to have a happy family and for her to also have a happy family someday.”

That they do what they love.

“My wish is that my baby will grow to love sports, music, art… Anything that keeps him off of electronics.”       

“I hope to let my kids' interests pique on their own, and pursue it at their comfort level. I won’t push them in a direction they don't want to go in; trying to achieve goals that they haven't set for themselves.”

That they focus on school.

“I hope I can provide enough for my child that he/she doesn't have to worry about working full time until after he/she gets a degree. I want my kids to be able to focus on school before they worry about paying bills. If I wasn't pushed into working full time right away I'd probably have my bachelor’s degree right now. So I hope to give them that.”


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