When you prepare to become a mom for the first time, you have a vision of what it will be like. You draw hard lines and you are pretty adamant you won’t do certain things. And then, you get into the thick of this mom life and reality hits. All I can say is, take it in stride and enjoy the journey. This mom life is full of fun, and a few cringe-worthy moments – embrace it. It will go by quicker than you think.

10 Things I Didn’t Think I’d Ever Do As A Mom

  1. Say, “Because I Said So”. I remember hating that statement so much as a kid, but now I get it. Sometimes, they just need to do what you tell them – because you said so! Deal with it kiddos.
  2. Use my spit to clean their face. I just did this yesterday. I’ve don’t it too many times to count and I’m not ashamed. A mom has got to do, what she’s got to do.
  3. Bribe my children for good behavior. It’s amazing what a little popcorn at Target will do for a child’s behavior. Just sayin’
  4. Drive a minivan. I swore I would never do this, and then I had twins. *sigh* I feel like a little piece of me is being lost every time I get into my van, but, the practically of sliding doors won out.
  5. Send my kids to school in something not washed. I’ve done it all – socks, shirts, pants. Well, except for underpants – we change those everyday. I’ve got standards people. There’s a reason my kids have nearly 100 pair. If laundry doesn’t get done, there’s a good chance they still have fresh undies ready to roll.
  6. Curse in front of my children. I did really well to hold my tongue with my first daughter, but then I had twins and well…we’re seven years into three kids and they’ve all heard a few choice words. Not pointed at them, but they have heard mommy throw a few words at traffic or otherwise. My oldest is really great at saying, “MOMMY, laaanguage!” I actually consider this a win. She knows what ‘not’ to say because of me.
  7. Hide treats for myself. I hide treats from my children and my husband. It’s impossible for me to enjoy my favorite Girl Scout cookies at my pace otherwise – they all devour them in a single sitting! If I don’t hide a box, I don’t get any cookies.  A mom’s got to do, people. A mom’s got to do.
  8.  Not shower. I won’t tell you the number of days in a row, because some things are better left unsaid.
  9.  Want to leave them. Hold on now, it’s not what you think.  Taking a little vacation without them in tow, is glorious. Do it. If you have a support system that can watch your little ones so you and your partner can get away, it’s a must-do. Trust me. Even if it’s just an overnight, it’s a fantastic re-set.
  10. Laugh at their antics. It turns out my kids are pretty funny, intentionally or otherwise. Sometimes the sheer ridiculousness of their tantrums must be looked at with humor. One of our daughters loves to ‘lecture’ us about things, and it is adorable. We know she’s taking whatever it is she’s saying very seriously, so we keep our amusement to ourselves until she leaves the room, but it is funny. I never anticipated how much I would be entertained by my children prior to having them. It’s been a lovely surprise.

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