New moms need help.

That’s just the truth.

Of course they can do it by themselves, and of course they will figure it out on their own, but every new mom has those moments of uncertainty -those moments when nothing feels right and everything feels out of control.

If you’ve been there, you get it, if you haven’t, let us help!

10 Ways to Show a New Mom You Care

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Call Before You Come

Don’t just show up. Call first, ask her when a good time to drop by would be, and bring tacos. Tacos are always a good idea.

Ask Her How You Can Help

And then do what she says!

Bring Diapers

Moms always need more diapers. Not sure about the size clothing to buy or what she needs. Diapers are never a bad choice.

Support Her Mothering Choices

If she wants to nurse, or not, if she plans to go back to work or stay home, whatever she decides is best for her baby is her choice and the last thing she needs is judgement. If you really think something is not right (like the way she straps baby into the car seat because it’s not safe), approach the topic delicately. You don’t want to come off as a know it all or get caught in shaming her for making a choice so feels is best for her baby.

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Pitch In Around The House

Mom life is all encompassing. It means other things get pushed aside, like cleaning and cooking and going to the bathroom alone.

And Set Up a Healthy Meal Train While You’re At It

Mom can order pizza until the cows come home and, while pizza is a gift, it is also more of a sometimes food than an every-day-I-want-to-make-healthy-milk-and-lose-the-baby-weight food.

Let Her Sleep

And shower. And maybe sleep some more. This means when you pop over you have to be ready to get the lay of the land and prepare yourself to problem solve and baby care.

Send Reinforcements

Like a cleaning service if cleaning isn’t your jam. Or a food delivery if you can’t cook.

Be Her Cheering Squad

Sometimes all moms need is an ata girl to get through a rough day. Let her know you believe in her, that you know she’s got this and, if she doesn’t you’ll be there.

Which Is Code for Be a Good Friend

Talk her off the ledge, make her laugh, take her to see Fifty Shades Darker even if you think it's terrible. More than anything, new moms need to feel like real people. Eveything about their lives is changing -their bodies, their brains, their priorities, their free time, it's important that some things stay the same. Your friendship can be one of those things.


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