Don’t know about you but we really can’t get enough of the memes.

We scroll through pages and pages of the things because they are just so hilarious and relatable.

After looking through and laughing at hundreds, no thousands, of the things these are the ones we loved the most from 2016.

On talking to your kids, via @alyceoneword

On the perfect snack for moms, via @experiencedbadmom

On this thing called laundry, via @scarymommy

On the realities of holiday celebrations with kids, via @simonholland

On saying no and meaning it, via @housewifeplus

On raising independent children, via @outnumberedmother

On the many reasons all parents are late, via @ShakespearesMom

On successful co-sleeping, via @ClosetoClassy

On wild nights out, via @thedudemom

On keeping it real in these streets, via @ramblinmama

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